After Application Do’s and Dont’s

It is important that you don’t make changes to your financial position from application until after closing. Here are some of our recommended do’s and dont’s to be aware of.


Keep documentation current
Keep deposit information
Keep lender informed


Apply for new credit
Test drive a car or take out a car loan
Change jobs

Do Keep Documentation Current

Send your loan processor updated paycheck stubs and bank statements as you receive them during the loan process. It is important that your file has the most recent documentation at the time of final loan submission

Do Keep the Lender Informed

It is important to keep the lender informed of any changes to your finances or employment during the loan process. This information will be re-verified prior to closing

Don’t Apply for New Credit

It is recommended that you do not apply for credit during the loan process. Every credit inquiry can take points away from your credit score. Your credit / score will be re-pulled prior to closing as part of the final QC audit so it is important to not do anything that may impact your credit score during the loan process as it may affect your final approval and/or interest rate.

Don’t Test Drive a Car or Take Out a Car Loan

When you test drive a car, the dealer checks your credit. This credit check (inquiry) will cost you points on your credit score. When you close on an auto loan, it will hit your credit score by approximately 30 points (you will rebuild your score over time as you make on-time payments).

Don’t Change Jobs

A job change may impact your loan approval. Contact your Loan Originator first to discuss how changing jobs could effect your loan approval.

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